What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Golf?

Golf is a relaxing game that players of all ages love these days. However, only a few people know that this game brings a lot of various health benefits. Below are some of the benefits golf can add to your health.

man playing golf

Provides Exercise

When players don’t use a golf push cart, the game includes walking by foot from one hole to another, which can serve as cardio exercise. The simple act of walking enhances blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Each time the club swung by the players, they use the muscles of their arms, back, abdomen, legs, and arms. Even professional players repeat these movements about 30 times in one game session. Beginners usually use more strokes. As s result, golfers can get exercise from playing golf that can advantage their whole body.

Promotes Weight Loss

If you play golf with 18 holes, you have to walk five to six miles. The terrain makes the walk more challenging. With that exercise, players can lose approximately 1000 calories during the game. This means more calories burned compared to the usual workout at the gym. Therefore, golfers have a chance to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Acts as Low-Impact Workout

Many men and women avoid working out because of the stress that puts a strain on their joints. Fortunately, golf is one of the sports that is low-impact. This means the player’s bones are not subjected to the hard impact that is often present in games like jogging or tennis. Therefore, this makes it a perfect sport for people who wants less stressful exercises.

woman playing golf

Enhances Mental Health

Adults who think about keeping their mental processes healthy may consider playing golf. The gameplay can improve blood flows needed for the oxygen and nutrients that are carried in the blood. The physical movements, combined with visual stimulation and techniques included in playing golf, can motivate the development of new pathways between brain tissues.

Reduces Stress

Being outdoors, enjoying the scene, and passing the time has a calming effect. Playing golf is a wonderful escape from life’s problems and suffering. Golf is a great way to improve mental and psychological well-being.…